Dirk Hartog Island Distilleries began our voyage in 2020 with a commitment to producing exceptional spirits that capture the essence of our island home. As the first landing place of Europeans on Australian soil and Western Australia’s largest island, Dirk Hartog is rich in centuries of history, secrets and stories.

Master Distiller Paul Gasmier rose to the challenge of bottling Dirk Hartog Island’s soul, working his magic to birth our Inscription Gin. The resulting drop is an undeniably delicious showcase of wild ingredients straight from the source, delivering a refreshingly modern twist on our historic botanicals.


Our 2021 release of Inscription Gin borrows its name from English pirate turned privateer, navigator and naturalist William Dampier who made his historic visit to Dirk Hartog Island in 1699. During his stay, Dampier compiled the first scientific collection of Australian plants.

Dampier’s collection featured the native wild rose that still blossoms on Dirk Hartog Island today. This World Heritage Region botanical is carefully hand-foraged for infusion in our gin, delivering a flavour that has been described as “distinctly Dirk.”

Traditionally blossoming between July and September, the rose flowered prematurely in April 2021 after the island received heavy rains from destructive tropical cyclone Seroja. Our Dampier 1699 release is borne of this unseasonal bloom, capturing an indisputably unique moment in time.

Ingredients: Juniper, Coriander, Lemon, Angelica Root, Cassia, Cardamon, Dirk Hartog Island Wild Rose, Saltbush & Dirk Hartog Island Hand-Harvested Sea Salt


Our pink Inscription Gin is inspired by Rose de Freycinet – an extraordinary woman who at age 22, refused to accept a painful separation from her true love and stowed away aboard his ship disguised as a cabin boy.

Rose was a wild spirit, and a woman ahead of her time, who explored the world with her husband, Louis de Freycinet. Lively, intelligent, kind and courageous, she recorded her groundbreaking journey with a keen eye, describing the exotic places they visited in a diary that survived the dangers of the voyage and a shipwreck.

Ingredients: Juniper, Coriander, Strawberries, Native Hibiscus, Lillie pillie, Saltbush, Lemon Peel, Rosella, Lime, Almond, Cardamon, Cinnamon, Cassia, Liquorice