Must Do Experiences

Rose Lake

Named after the wife of French explorer, Louis de Freycinet, the Rose de Freycinet lake is aptly named after the pink rose colour.  Rose herself famously stowed away in the ship carrying for her husband as she couldn’t bear to be without him on his world-wide scientific voyage. It is believed, through her letters, that she was the first woman to circumnavigate the world by boat. She dressed up as a cabin boy to gain passage onto the ship.

Wild Walks & Rock Pools

Guests staying at the Eco lodge can enjoy several
self-guided walks along the pristine beaches of Dirk Hartog Island. 
Alternatively, the more adventurous may like to take part in one of the guided walks down the rugged west coast of DHI, taking in 600 ft high cliffs and stunning views of the Indian Ocean.

Rock pools are located at both ends of the island and are suitable for all ages. They are great for cooling off and enjoying the sunshine.

Blow Holes

Visit Shark Bay’s largest blowhole.  On 5m swells this blowhole can be seen 20km away and it sounds like a jet plane taking off.  Don’t get too close to the edge!

Cape Inscription

Visit the landing site of Captain Dirk Hartog in 1616. Vlamingh 1697, Baudin 1801 and de Freycinet 1818.  This Heritage listed site has interpretive signage and replica plates from Hartog & Vlamingh.

The Last Sunset

Watch the last sunset in Australia on top of 600ft high cliffs.  Herald Height’s is the highest spot on the island and you can look out over the Indian Ocean and watch whales, turtles and sea birds cruise past.

Secluded Beach

Find a secluded beach and enjoy the warm waters.  There are many secluded beaches along the east side of Dirk Hartog Island.  Swim, snorkel or just relax the day away.


Crystal clear waters and diverse underwater eco-systems make for some amazing snorkeling/diving locations around Dirk Hartog Island.

Whale Watching

Humpback whales are seen around the island during their northern and southern migration. Whales travelling south with their calves swim in the protected, shallower waters much closer to the coast. Humpback whales pass Dirk Hartog Island from July to October.


A pure Australian landscape. With rugged rocky terrain, soft sand dunes and tracks- Dirk Hartog Island should be on every 4WD enthusiasts bucket list!


Surrounded by a diverse range of underwater eco-systems, Dirk Hartog Island is a fisherman’s dream! Land based fishing available from anything in-between rugged cliff-faces and soft sandy beaches.  Ocean based fishing allows fisherman to access a range of reefs and surrounding the island as well as through South Passage- allowing for bottom-bouncing or trolling for larger species.

Turtles at Turtle Bay

Loggerhead turtles are the most endangered species of turtles to nest in the Shark Bay area and indeed the Australian region as a whole. Turtle Bay, located at the island’s north is the species’ main nesting ground. For more information, visit the nature calendar.

Nature Encounters

A diverse range of wildlife reside on and around Dirk Hartog Island. For more information, visit the nature calendar.