03 Aug 400 Year Celebration

Preparations for the commemoration of Dirk Hartog 2016 are well on the way.

A range of State Government-funded initiatives to mark the significant occasion are being coordinated by the Department of the Premier and Cabinet (DPC) in consultation with the Dutch Government, the Shire of Shark Bay, the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW), the WA Museum and the Gascoyne Development Commission (GDC).  Initiatives will include new infrastructure and interpretive material on both Dirk Hartog Island and in Denham, a commemorative function at Cape Inscription, and a festival to be held in Shark Bay from October 21 to 25, 2016.  A journey from Bunbury to Denham by the replica Dutch ship of the era, the Duyfken, is expected to be one of the highlights of the commemorations.  A new website will also put more than 400 years of history at everyone’s fingertips.

State Government Initiatives 

Dirk Hartog Island

  • Construction of replica copies of Dirk Hartog’s pewter plate, and the plate that replaced it in 1697 by Willem de Vlamingh, and embedding of both plates at Cape Inscription.
  • Construction and installation of interpretive panels at the Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage at Cape Inscription.
  • Hosting of a commemorative function at Cape Inscription on 25 October 2016.

More details can be obtained from the WA Governments web site. 

Under the chairmanship of mr. Arnold Stroobach, the “Dirk Hartog 400th Anniversary Committee” has launched a Dirk Hartog Facebook page. Together with the Dutch and Western Australian Governments, the committee will celebrate the 400th anniversary of Dirk Hartog’s arrival in Australia.


The Dirk Hartog 2016 logo – Kingdom of the Netherlands

The logo, designed by Indigenous creative agency Gilimbaa, highlights the shared maritime history between the Netherlands and Australia by depicting a ship sailing to the east

It also pays homage to the pewter plate Dirk Hartog left behind, using its authentic shape and type. The colours symbolise the variety in country; representing saltwater and freshwater, rainforests and desert sands. This diversity is the link to Indigenous Australia.

About Gilimbaa

Gilimbaa is an Indigenous creative agency that specialises in culturally effective and appropriate communication strategies, artwork, campaigns and consulting for the government, corporate and non- profit sectors. Gilimbaa’s work philosophy is grounded in consultation and engagement with Indigenous and non-Indigenous stakeholders to achieve successful and inspiring project outcomes.

For more information: www.gilimbaa.com.au

Shark Bay | Return to 1616

Return to 1616 is a project initiated by the WA Department of Parks and Wildlife that aims to restore the vegetation and habitats of Dirk Hartog Island National Park to how Dirk Hartog would have seen them in 1616.

Read more about the initiative here

4WD’s on the island during the 400 Year Celebration event will be co-ordinated by Campfire Escapes.

To be a part of the celebrations contact Campfire Escapes and secure your spot.